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If you encounter any problems logging into the Clean Water Club, please email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

You must subscribe to a quarterly order of dip slides AND either Bioclear or Bioclear Daily to join the Clean Water Club. If you have subscribed correctly and are still experiencing difficulties, please please contact

The quantity of dipslides you require is automatically calculated depending on the number of surgeries you have registered. This automated quantity cannot be changed.

Register both items as separate ‘surgeries’ and give each a piece of equipment a unique name, that clearly identifies it. You can then submit dipslides and receive reports in the usual way.

You can only upload dip slide images in the month you have chosen for your product subscription to start. Until this date you will not be able to submit photographs.

You must upload all four images at one time and each file must be no larger than 256MB. Please check you have the required number of images and they do not exceed the maximum file size. If you still encounter problems, please email

You should contact your preferred CWC dental dealer directly.

Henry Schein: Tel 0800 0281 533
Kent: Tel 0800 028 1181
Henry Schein Ireland:

Yes, please contact your local Dentisan representative.

North of England Jenny Nixon:
South of England Anne Harris:
Scotland and Ireland Holly Dickinson:

Product orders placed through Clean Water Club are already discounted (up to 30% off retail price), therefore it is financially beneficial to order your DUWL products via Clean Water Club subscription.

No. Your order will be automatically processed quarterly and you will be issued with invoices in the normal way unless you cancel your subscription.

Please contact your preferred CWC dental dealer directly.

Henry Schein: Tel 0800 0281 533
Kent: Tel 0800 028 1181
Henry Schein Ireland:

Please wait for 72 hours before contacting us. If after this time you haven’t received your results please contact

You must submit 2 consecutive samples that are passed by CWC before you can download a certificate. The samples can be submitted at any time between within 75 days and 180 days of the previous images.

Please check on your report that your sample photographs have been passed by Dentisan’s technical team. If they have, please contact If the samples have failed please take the remedial action suggested and resubmit new dip slide images.

No. The Clean Water Club has a minimum order requirement of dip slides and either Bioclear Daily or Bioclear every quarter.

If you want to cancel your membership please talk to your local representative first about any problems you are encountering. If you still want to cancel you can do so immediately, but please be aware that memberships cancelled in the first 10 days of each month, when subscriptions are being processed, may not be in time to cancel that month’s delivery. If you received an unwanted CWC order, following cancellation of your membership, please contact your CWC dealer direct.

To cancel your membership Log into your account and go to ‘practice profile’ in the right-hand menu. On this page you will see the Cancel my membership button. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation and once this has been submitted your data will be removed from the system and you will receive a cancellation email. Should you wish to rejoin the Clean Water Club you will need to re-input your practice details and the details for each surgery.